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Jan 26, 2013 9:00am PST
, chris. we've got sequestration coming, we've got the debt ceiling coming again we have to deal with in may. your article, this is a heck of a title, once unthinkable severe spending cuts now seem plausible, how so? >> t.j., what we saw in the congress was a few years ago they put together such big budget cuts, $1.2 trillion in cuts split 50-50 between military spending and domestic spending. and those were so big that everybody agreed at the time that there was no way we would do kind of this across the board budget ax. we're going to come back, we're going to rethink this and we're going to try to get those savings in a more -- in a smarter way. and that hope as it were is pretty much shot now when you talk to the republicans and democrats in the congress. republicans believe many of the deficit hawks out there believe this is the best chance they have for cutting spending. it's going to become law on march 1st. it's already on the way to taking effect. and democrats are happy to replace some of those cuts, particularly in the military side, but they want to do it with tax inc
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Jan 26, 2013 7:30am PST
the deal before with the debt ceiling, supposed to be the ultimate deal we'd never have to punt again. this leads to another punt, another punt and things are getting better let's not do it now. things are getting worse, let's not do it it now. and it's raining outside, let's not do it. let gerri talk for a minutes. >> according to the democrats, they're standing in the way of this. never seem to get anything done and let's remember there was a quid pro quo here, if we agree about the fiscal cliff we'll start cutting spending and it's not happening and the democrats said we're not going to keep our promises. >> you know we have economic growth, the deficit goes down, it does happen, it does happen. >> to your point. >> that's the problem not-- >> and the problem is not just the deficit, the problem is entitlement spending and the president is not going to do a single darn thing about it. >> and guy, let me go back to ben on this. ben, you've said we're all eventually going to have to amour taxes and people watching the show take it tough, it's going to be tough. so, ultimately washing
Jan 26, 2013 8:00am EST
that have to be made in the course of 2013 considering fiscal deficit concerning the debt ceiling chchlt is why 2013 is a make-or-break. >> reporter: if those decisions are postponed again? >> it will be pushing the can down the road again and i don't think the u.s. should fall into that trap. >> reporter: economically if they do, what will be the effect? >>. >> if they do? i hope it's not addressed in the cards. i think it's leave uncertainty at the table and uncertainties are not good for confidence. lack of confidence does not facilitate investment and creation of jobs and so forth. and the u.s. is a huge economy. >> reporter: the imf forecasts the global economy will grow about 3.5% this year a good number, lagarde says but not a great one. we've avoided the chance she says. let's beware of a relapse. rebecca? thanks anthony. this lagarde, she's a pretty interesting person and has redefined the role of the imf, hasn't she? >> reporter: it's first time the imf has become kind of a rock star. she's trailed all over the media halls by cameras. she's pretty forthc
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)